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 - cientists recently discovered that we’ve been...
cientists recently discovered that we’ve been throwing away what may the world’s most effective, joint health remedy. ot many of the 140 million people who suffer from joint pain would guess that eggshells, which are routinely tossed in of the egg itself, could provide them soothing, long-term joint relief. However, in recent years, scientists discovered that eggshells contain several natural nutrients that are key to relieving joint pain, and in restoring a crumbling joint to pristine condition. This new organic discovery is called (Natural Egg Shell Membrane). is the fibrous membrane found inside chicken eggshells. And it’s the only eggshell membrane ingredient with multiple published safety and effectiveness studies joint health. Since its discovery, multiple clinical studies have shown fast results for improved joint comfort and flexibility with just a small, 500mg daily dose of NEM. Two clinical trials were performed to how effective NEM is in reducing and preventing joint pain and stiffness, and bringing a joint back to its original, healthy Both showed that NEM provided people improved flexibility, mobility and pain relief. Patients were able to perform tasks activities that they were unable to perform comfortably before the trials. Trials also showed a significant reduction joint discomfort. One study showed that one-third of the subjects reported at least 50% reduction in pain. And in just 7 reports were showing at least a 25% reduction in pain from inflammation. Another study showed that over one-third patients reported at least a 50% reduction pain. The total average reduction in pain 30 days was 72%, and by the end of the over 50% of subjects were completely pain-free. Even better, NO side effects were discovered in any of the trials performed. To harness the unique power of NEM relieve joint pain, a new, natural health supplement was created to allow the general public to benefit from NEM … called Restiflex, and it has now been used worldwide to bring relief countless people with joint pain. This advanced Restiflex formula caught attention of Dr. Jeffrey S. Nelson, and to its use in his joint pain treatment centers. He not only gives it to his patients, also uses it himself with great success. says, “When you come across something AND effective for people in pain, you on it. Restiflex has been a blessing for many of my patients and myself.” Restiflex contains a full 500mg of NEM, which is the recommended daily dose. Independent studies were also conducted the Restiflex formula and results showed that after just one week of use, participant discomfort was reduced by At 4 weeks, the discomfort level reduced by 66%. And most of the participants had 75% less discomfort at weeks than before they started taking Restiflex. The study also showed that at 4 weeks, of participants, had pain reduced by And the impact of pain on their sleep reduced by 72%. The negative impact of on their mood reduced by 73%, and impact of pain contributing to stress was reduced by 70%. The Secret is in the added nutrients! The reason NEM works so well to help ailing joints is because it uniquely and naturally contains several major, joint- helping nutrients within the eggshell membrane. The 4 key, joint pain relieving components found in NEM are: – A connective nutrient in joint fluid that cushions and nourishes joints. – Which retains water and aids in the flow of nutrients to joints. – An amino acid that lubricates tissues in the joints to bring them back to life. – A key protein in joint cartilage for elasticity and health. Scientists were astonished that ALL 4 of these needed joint health nutrients were found in ONE solitary substance. Thousands of studies have been done on these 4 building block nutrients, and all have shown to have a significant effect on joint health, movement, and flexibility. Combined, they can literally restore a failing joint. The studies made it clear NEM alone was getting the job done. However, to make Restiflex even stronger, other natural joint health nutrients were added, including: … A powerful anti-inflammatory often combined with glucosamine to treat joint issues. … Contains salicin, which is similar to aspirin, to counter inflammation. … Has shown in clinical studies to be an anti-inflammatory. … A natural anti-inflammatory that improves flexibility and movement in joints. … Widely used to treat joint pain. Restiflex is the new answer to daily joint pain: Anyone who wants to quiet their joint pain and avoid prescription drugs, and side- effects will be pleased with the fast relief Restiflex brings. Restiflex has been proven, not only in the lab, but also with real joint pain sufferers to help them enjoy a more active life again, free of pain and discomfort. It can: Free 30-Day Supply for Our Readers! The manufacturer is offering our readers the opportunity to obtain a Free 30-day supply of Restiflex! Simply call 1-800-973-6997 and ask how you can reserve your free supply today! You can also receive a few copy of the popular health report, Living Pain Free From Joint Pain, loaded with secrets and tips to living a more active, pain free life that even your doctor doesn’t know. Don’t wait, supplies of Restiflex may be limited, call 1-800-973-6997 today! What People Are Saying: “I was pleased with Restiflex. Now I can garden, dance and work out again. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my flexibility. I recommend Restiflex to anyone with joint pain discomfort. I’m going to continue taking it. It helps me stay active.” - Edna “Since using Restiflex, I can chop vegetables again, and golf 2-3 times a week. My hands are less stiff and I don’t feel that constant throbbing and discomfort in my knuckles. Other guys my age are almost crippled, and can hardly move. I don’t want to be one of those guys. I will continue with Restiflex.” - Dave “And using Restiflex I’ve experienced a miracle. I have no discomfort in my hip or my shoulder after suffering daily aches and discomfort in normal activities, with walking. I’m a grandmother of four and I want to get on the ground and play with them. And now I can.” - Gwendy Severe shortages and long lines expected once astonishing discovery released the public chronic joint discomfort. And despite many options, only daily treatment offered - Dr. Jeffrey S. Nelson Jeffrey S. Nelson, physician & former manager of NASA’s Shuttle medical response team. Demand for NASA Pain Remedy Could Overwhelm Pharmacies Scientists discovered that eggshells contain several vital, natural nutrients that are key to relieving joint pain

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  2. 12 Jun 2015, Fri,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page A10

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